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e3 Fitness provides a lifestyle-focused approach to fitness programming, including group fitness classes, semi-private training, ladies fitness, and personal training, alongside nutrition, and health. While e3 workouts challenge everyone from the newbie to the fittest of fit, the health-focused coaching exists as the catalyst, guide, and advocate for full transformation.

Group fitness training doesn’t mean groupthink focus.  e3 Coaches adjust each workout based on members’ abilities, bodies, and goals.  Progressional programming meets each member in their current state and drives a clear, focused path to reach the goals that brought them to e3.  Don’t know your goal?  That’s part of the process.  e3 Coaches help members figure out what they want from their training, how it applies to their health and life, and then what programs best make that desire a reality.


group fitness


This program pulls members from their comfort zones and with that creates change.
e3 program

e3 program

The e3 Program focuses on transformation. We customize workouts creating the best chance at profound improvement.


Nutrition affects the way you feel. We help develop behaviors needed to create a long-term approach to nutrition.

our culture

Fitness at e3 means lifestyle, change, focus, and impact. It means creating an environment where we can flex our muscles with purpose. The e3 Community operates this way. While we drive to accomplish our personal goals with gusto, we see our peers accomplish their goals with that same fervor. Working in a group-format strengthens this bond.

When the gym itself becomes too small for this energy, we take our passion on the road. Supporting local charities, sponsoring races and fitness events, and affecting change in the lives of our members and their communities gives e3 its pulse. e3 aims to expand abilities, understanding, and success in fitness for each member, new and veteran.

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fitness as a lifestyle

With schedules, commitments, and dependents beckoning our time and energy, our personal balance generally becomes the target of abandonment. e3 presents a unique vantage point on how to balance our Work, Social, and Health realms, offering applicable ways to direct positive attention to Work and Social lives through attention to Health and the benefits therein.

Learn to be a fit-parent, a fit-spouse, a fit-friend, a fit-boss, a fit-employee, and a fit-leader.  Lifestyle fitness is less about getting a hobby and more about getting an attitude.  An attitude that says: my health matters and my effort proves it.


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“Since the first day I visited the e3 web site and saw their quote: ‘Sweating. It’s like breathing, you need to do it all the time!’, I knew i was in good hands.”
-Tari W
“I believe that e3 is the best fitness program in Colorado, and believe me I have tried them all!”
-Megan M
“e3 has provided me with the structure I need to fully commit to a fitness program and the results have been amazing. I am in the best shape of my adult life.”
-Bob G