Ski Skills Donation Class

Posted on February 8, 2017

What’s this DONATION CLASS all about?

Slope-specific training requires more than just wall sits and lunges.  In this 1-hr session you’ll learn the strength and agility exercises that will hone your on-snow movement, the joint integrity progressions to help you stay injury free through the season, and some movement challenges for you to gauge your development.  Walk away with both a goal, and a plan, to become better on the hill!

Donations contribute to the fundraising goal of the e3 Fitness GORE-TEX Grand Traverse team.  The Grand Traverse is a 40-mile, backcountry, ski-mountaineering race starting in downtown Crested Butte and finishing in downtown Aspen.  Starting at midnight on Friday March 25th, e3 Coach Justin and e3 Athlete-of-the-Month Cayce Cullinan will tackle this beast of a race while raising funds for Minds Matter Denver.

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