• The Extras

    When your needs stretch just outside our group format, we have a solution for that.

private training

While our programs are inclusive to all potential athletes, special circumstances require that little extra detail. Our staff’s experience in sport-specific training, injury rehab, degenerative issues, joint replacements, and body mechanic hiccups make e3 a perfect grooming ground to get back into action.

When private training is the call, we have an extensive functional movement screening process that engages member’s into a conversation between their body, themselves, and their coach. Half of the work in developing fitness abilities is in recognizing the areas for growth. Using the industry’s smartest processes, we identify those areas and then engineer a personalized program rooted in challenging shortcomings and setting benchmarks for improvement.

Private Training Models:

  • Injury Rehab (post- and combined with- PT)
  • Sport-Specific Training (Ironman, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon)
  • Youth Sports (Jr High, High-School, Collegiate)

Training so fun you forget you’re training.