• Move. Sweat. Change.

    Create fitness leaders who inspire positive, healthy lifestyles.


Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Balance, and Rotation. That’s it. All fitness mixes and matches these 6 foundational movements to create their flavor. The secret is out. So why all the variation in the industry? Why so many gyms to choose from? Why so many programs offering brilliant results?

If fitness were just about losing a few inches and finding that lost muscle definition, then we already have the secret in these 6 moves. No need for anything more. Truth is though, accounting is more than numbers and a calculator, baking more than ingredients and an oven, and golf more than grass and a ball. Fitness is more than sweat. e3 is the more.

e3 Fitness coaches the change elements that offer a unique look at our healthy selves. Our philosophy is simple and our aim simpler: Create fitness leaders who inspire positive, healthy lifestyles. We coach each member to see an exceptional version of themselves, then we pair that exceptional version with exercises, challenges, and objectives that fulfill that call. We create leaders in each exercise, workout, and program. We coach individuals to affect groups. How? That’s the magic. The e3 Community builds the e3 Community. Our leaders create new leaders. Show up. Sweat. Change.

How do I start becoming an e3 Leader?

Show up.  While the path is defined, it is involved.  With a proven method to moving from e3 Newbie to e3 Leader, your coaches, along with your fellow members, you’ll move from “what the heck did I just start” to “how the heck can I get more?”  Our goals are unique, our challenges are unique, and our success is unique, but our path is shared.  Show up.  Sweat.  Change.

achieve personal goals

Create fitness leaders who inspire positive, healthy lifestyles.

  • You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt