• Train like an Athlete. Feel like an Athlete.

    In season training prepares even the modest athlete for a season with an accelerated start, injury-free activity, and greater strides in both sport and hobby.

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seasonal camps

e3 Fitness’s background in sport-specific training isn’t limited to our experience with professional and collegiate athletes.  Delivering professional-grade, athlete-inspired workouts to the e3 Community allows coaches to test the abilities, limits, and potential results of experienced and non-experienced members.  With Colorado home to a varied spectrum of outdoor and indoor recreation, we focus our seasonal camp training to making better athletes.  Athletes ready for the mountain, the trail, the road, or the court.

Outdoor Conditioning Series: OCS.  Speed, Agility, Reaction, Quickness, and Endurance.  The pillars of on-field sports, we coach member’s ability to start and stop, change direction, lateral agility, and field-specific skills.  The result: an all-around athlete able to move with purpose.  Training on Denver South High’s turf facility, we keep sport the focus.  Along the way member’s get into their best shape of the summer.  Speed ladders, hurdles, agility courses, battle ropes, and sprint parachutes are just some of the toys used in this series.

2019: 6/11 – 7/18  The 10th Season of OCS

What should I expect?  Athletes gain an understanding of unique movement patterns that directly translate to increased running performance.  With very short intervals of maximum work we breakdown barriers of our perceived limits. Do I have to be a high-level athlete?  NO!  Our 6 week progression builds participants’ muscle elasticity, explosiveness, and ability to recruit maximum output after building a basis in muscle activation.  This program challenges recreational runners to current/former high-level athletes just the same. I’m ready to go!


  **Register before 6/5 for FREE pre/post-OCS InBody Composition Testing and training shirt  ($75 Value).  

Train like and Athlete.  Feel like an Athlete.

  • I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'. - Muhammad Ali