Fitness to the gym-goer is a combination of trying hard, sweating, getting told what to do, complaining, sneaking breaks, and feeling a bit better about themselves after an hour or so.  


Fitness to a professional lives and breathes as an opportunity to break barriers, show what’s possible, and examine the fabric of a client’s being.  A fitness professional cares not about teaching a proper squat but cares about teaching a proper approach.  An approach to a better version of a client’s self every day, every minute, and every sweat drop of effort.


Are you a fitness professional?

Trainers, group fitness cheerleaders, and part-time gym addicts need not apply.  

We are looking for coaches. We are building our team of coaches whose single mission is to exponentially grow their sphere of influence.  e3 Fitness lives to “Create fitness leaders who inspire positive, healthy lifestyles.”  Can you do that?  Can you inspire?  

If you are interested in joining our team please follow the submission steps below.  We are filling 2 full-time coaching positions.  


  • Nationally-accredited training certificate and/or B.S. Degree
  • Personal Experience in the Fitness Industry
  • Minimum 30 hours-per-week availability.
  • Early morning availability (5 AM start time)
  • More than pushup variations between your ears.
  • Commitment, drive, and energy above 1.21 gigawatts.
  • Desire to create impact with our community and our non-profit affiliations.

Not Required:

    • An active client list.  You can be new to fitness coaching, revisiting coaching, or an active coach.  A large client list will not increase or decrease employment chances.
    • A concrete fitness philosophy.  Its great to have a heart-strong opinion on fitness, and we welcome that, but we welcome a desire to learn our philosophy, our approach, and our system first.
    • All the answers.  With a combined experience of 20+ years, e3’s owners are looking to teach, grow, and embolden our coaching staff.  

How to apply?

  1. Full Resume, including job history for 3 years, and two references (1 professional, 1 personal).
  2. 1-3 minute Motivational Video.  (Think of yourself standing in front of 18 gym members before a workout session.  They are tired-eyed and looking to you for inspiration.  Get them motivated for the next 45 minutes of their lives.  Get them excited about the mission at hand, and lead them to an experience that has the potential to change their day.)  You can also provide a video on a favorite health/fitness/nutrition topic that your passion for can inspire just like a motivational speech.
  3. Submit to