• Six and Sweat

    Six meals a day, sweat every day.  That’s the trend netting results…and you can’t out-train a bad diet.


Food as Fuel

Food as Fuel. Nutrition should be less a fad, hot topic, and more an understanding of how what you eat, fuels what you do, and affects how you feel. Nutrition is a piece to the puzzle, its the key to unlocking your greatest results, and you best athlete. e3 Coaches begin with giving members a clear look at how their current nutrition behaviors affect the way they feel. Then, peeling back layers, Coaches develop the behaviors needed to create not a diet, but a long-term approach to nutrition.


Travel diets, at-home routines, recipes, meal-delivery options, go-to snacks. All of the tools needed to be successful at pairing the efforts in the gym with the decisions made outside of the gym, come with being an e3 member. No workout, no matter how amazing, can out-train poor eating choices.

Supplements? Nutritional supplements are just that, supplemental. We begin with a whole-food approach to getting the desired results. Sometimes, with schedule, health issues, and constraints, supplements help fill in the gaps of a whole-food diet. e3 Fitness is a proud distributor of Advocare Nutritional Products. When necessary, e3 Coaches outline helpful supplements to create a full-spectrum picture of a healthy diet.