• Fitness: More than sweat on the floor.

    e3 sweat pours with impact, change, and inclusion.  Philanthropy, group-involvement, and leadership define us.

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Defining Measure #1: we are an environment for fitness novices and fitness experts alike. Our progressional training models ensure that Screech Powers and AC Slater get ripping workouts and attentive coaching. While we aren’t a gym for everyone we are a gym for anyone. If you have heart, desire, and willingness, we have coaches, teammates, and support systems.

Defining Measure #2: we compete with last week’s version of ourselves not each other. We don’t time our WODs, we don’t name our workouts, and we don’t believe that heavier is always better. But…we will accept anyone’s challenge to battle us on that.  Is it coincidence that Crossfit rhymes with mosh-pit?

Defining Measure #3: your first two weeks of training are called “Survival”. After that, anything is possible. When you become a member, you join a team. When you have a team, you are William Wallace. (Google ‘Braveheart’ if you’re confused)

Defining Measure #4: if you stick through the e3 Program, gain traction, listen to your coaches, and buy-in, there isn’t a physical feat out there that is impossible. Marathons, Obstacle Races, Endurance Events, and Adventure Sports fuel our athletes and keep us driving ahead.

Being a fitness leader.

While it doesn’t take a number on your back, a ball in your hand, or a scoreboard on the wall, being a fitness leader and a fitness teammate means showing up.  Its coming to your workout when your tired, when your unmotivated.  Its being a member of something larger than you in order to be a better you.  e3’s Community molds fitness leaders with this in mind.  Sure, we train, but somewhere along the way we begin to influence those around us.  When that clicks, we are e3.

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  • The thing is, I don't do these things for recognition, being a good teammate, being a positive member of the community. I do them because those things make me whole and complete. - Dwayne Wade Miami Heat, NBA